Gilberto Santos :. Global I.T Development

Coach and consulting of development of software in agile environment.

Are you interested in a career as java developer ?

I intend to provide classes, knowledge and support to boost your career or team

We know that the IT market is with many vacancies, where companies have trouble finding qualified people to fill them. They look for effective developers who have skills in HTML, JavaScript, Java and library among other skills.

Aimed at helping those who want to enter this competition is open a course or private lessons for training information technology students and professionals have formed with little or no experience with a focused training to pass a technical interview with a teacher support English.

Sounds good ? Training

Consulting of development of software for anyone abroad

  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Development and maintenance of systems
  • Recovery or refactor software projects
  • Boost development team

Maintenance of software development projects wih:

  • Intellectual property management with mind maps
  • Auditing and improving code quality
  • Sculpture in test environment
  • Sculpture in agile environment
  • Identification, analysis, response simulation system performance
  • Training and monitoring teams

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